Employment Law Services

Your job is essential to your survival, and possibly that of your family’s. Losing it can be financially and emotionally devastating, and no one should be forced to suffer that unless there is due cause for the termination. We practice employment law in Tyler, Texas, to be sure that this is the case. If you’ve been unfairly fired, denied pay for overtime, or have faced harassment at work, Hommel Law Firm can make it right.

You have rights as an employee, and our commercial litigation team is here to help you exercise them. We set you up with a lawyer who cares about your situation and honestly believes that there are two sides to every story and every lawsuit. You’re guaranteed to get your day in court when you come to us. We listen to your problems and make sure you receive the attention you deserve with honest and straightforward respect.

One-of-a-Kind Employee Rights Attorney

We boast the only board-certified employment lawyer in the area that represents employees instead of the employer. We believe in fair labor standards and standing up for the people, not just the corporate heads. Our employee rights attorney realized many years ago that there was a profound lack of policy representation for employees and became the first person to step up to the plate and provide it. After three decades of practice, he still offers free 30-minute consultations where he meets with potential clients to discuss their cases and our services.

Taking an employer to court is a serious matter, and you should only trust someone who has experience doing it. We’re proud to say that we have tried over 100 lawsuits to jury verdicts, which is an increasingly rare accomplishment. Not many wrongful termination lawyers can say the same, but with us, you know you’re getting someone who can try a lawsuit if and when it’s necessary. You’ll be involved and kept up-to-date throughout the entire process and can ask questions at any time.

Fighting Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

At our practice, we believe that any employee discrimination is wrong and unlawful. Being treated unfairly or differently simply because of who you are is a humiliating experience for the employee and shameful on the part of the employer. If you believe you have been discriminated against, we see to it that you receive due compensation for this injustice. Our civil rights lawyer represents workers in claims against their employers for the following:

  • Employee Rights
  • Termination Due to Disability
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Unpaid Overtime

Set up an appointment today to see how we can help you get justice. Contact us through our questionnaires, and we’ll be happy to work with you.