Employment Law and Justice for the Employee

The ability to work and earn wages is one of the most important rights in existence, because it is so essential to individual survival as well as a productive society. Not receiving proper pay for work performed is a terrible injustice, and we are here to rectify that by providing quality employment law services in Tyler, Texas. At Hommel Law Firm, you enjoy the benefits of a veteran legal team who has handled hundreds of cases like yours. Our lawyer is board certified and specializes in labor and employment law and is well-versed in worker rights.

We are also here to achieve justice for those who have been victims of harassment in the workplace. You deserve to feel safe on the job and to be able to concentrate on your job. Protection from discrimination is our main goal. Our firm gets positive results, so you can trust that you will be working with an expert legal team.

We Can Represent You On a Number of Issues

If you have experienced discrimination because of disability, national origin, age, race, or gender, our firm can help. Our services also cover unpaid overtime and sexual and verbal harassment; any of these is reason to pursue compensation. Take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation, and we will give you an honest assessment of your situation. There is no commitment required and no obligation to go any further, so you have nothing to lose.

Our appointments generally take about an hour, and we recommend bringing any and all documents related to your job. This includes text messages, emails, check stubs and company handbooks. You should also be prepared to provide proof that you were present at work on the day the incident took place, so that we are in a better position to help you. The more evidence you give us, the better case we can build you.

Unpaid Overtime

If you are not exempted from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you should be paid overtime whenever you work more than 40 hours in a week. If you believe you have not been paid properly, contact us as soon as possible. Do not wait, as the statute of limitations could cause you to miss out on extra pay that is rightfully yours.

We provide the type of legal advice and services that lets you stay in control of the situation, often before it ends up in court. We provide representation for:

  • Breach of Contracts
  • Non-competition agreements

Contact us for a free consultation today.